"Caroline, translation....................magician, healer, adorable.............I met Caroline thru a yoga/acupuncture workshop. From the minute she put my first needle in, its been heaven. She is very thorough and knows exactly what and how to treat.
Anyone is lucky to have a treatment with Miss Caroline" -Sarah M. (as seen on Yelp)

"The acupuncture therapy that I receive with Caroline has been such a wonderful experience and effective to the pain I was experiencing. I came to her with pain in my neck and back about 2 months ago and her sessions have been such a help in pain relief and also very informative! Having never visited an acupuncturist before, I did not know anything about the therapy. Caroline provides such a professional experience as she informs me of all the benefits that acupuncture helps with, along with giving me background information on what acupuncture actually does and how it works. I have had such pain relief since first coming to her, and will continue to do so going forward. I would recommend Caroline to anyone I know, and especially recommend her to anyone who has never been to acupuncture before." - Tommy V. (as seen on Yelp)

"Caroline is simply the best. I started seeing Caroline a couple years ago as I began to struggle with PCOS and infertility. She was incredible. Very comforting through an emotional time. She always made a point to schedule me in on the important days of an IVF procedure- anyone who has been through it knows timing is everything. I now have a 16 month daughter and very much thank Caroline for that. She kept me grounded and lowered my stress through the process." -Kate M. (as seen on Yelp)

"Caroline is great at what she does! I went to Caroline for back issues that had been plaguing me for months and after one treatment felt significantly better. Caroline has a calm and gentle demeanor, is attentive and very professional. I highly recommend her!" -Kathleen M. (as seen on Yelp)