Mental Health


Caroline Moody, L.Ac., is part of the team at the Center for Integrative Counseling and Wellness.    The Center is a group of multi-disciplinary specialists dedicated to improving your psychological health and well-being. 

Caroline utilizes acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to treat many diseases, symptoms and conditions. While Chinese Medicine can treat people with health concerns, it can also be used as a modality for those with mental health and addiction issues. The aim of Chinese Medicine is to treat the specific symptoms, treating each person as a unique entity and providing them with individualized treatment plans. According to the World Health Organization, Chinese Medicine can help those suffering with stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Acupuncture is shown to be helpful for those who are detoxing from drugs and alcohol as well as those who have undergone severe trauma, such as military veterans. When used with other treatment modalities, such as counseling and support groups, acupuncture is shown to increase the overall effectiveness of care. Patients report minimized withdrawal symptoms, increased calmness, decreased agitation and improved sleep. 


Caroline Moody, L.Ac., provides private and group treatments at The Center for Integrative Counseling and Wellness.

For those interested in group treatments, please visit the Group Events page for more information