Group Events

Spring Renewal Aromatherapy/Yin/Acupuncture
Date: Mar 11 2018 From: 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Get ready to glow from the inside out! Spring is the perfect time for renewal by waking up both your physical and energetic body!
Join Yin yoga instructor, Trish Hart, and Acupuncturist Dr. Caroline Moody L.Ac., Dip. O.M for a 2 hour workshop combining Aromatherapy, Yin Yoga, and Acupuncture. Using this potent combination of modalities, we up-regulate the parasympathetic nervous system’s ‘rest and digest’ activity, decrease heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate, while down-regulating the sympathetic nervous system’s ‘fight or flight’ responses to stress.
In this special workshop, we will focus our practice on both the liver and gall bladder meridians of Chinese medicine to detoxify, cleanse and return homeostasis to the body. In addition, enjoy being bathed in the sound with the healing vibrations of Caroline’s Tibetan Sound Bowl. The output… balanced emotions, better sleep, strong immunity, and a beautiful healthy glow!!
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